Thursday, August 10, 2006

U.K. Terror Discovery Escapes Foil by the NYT

"I don't want to hear about the investigations that are going on." -General Wesley Clark (FNC, 8/10/06)

Amen to the General... None of us should be hearing about ongoing investigations...

The Plot: To blow up multiple planes in the air (using liquid explosives) coming from the United Kingdom on the way to the United States. "Intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale"
"The UK's threat warning level has been raised to "critical" -- meaning "an attack is expected imminently."

The Sting: Tony Blair told President Bush that any leaks could sabotage this very sensitive (and life saving) investigation. Thank God the ACLU or NYT didn't get wind of the ongoing efforts...
"Asked if Britain's Muslim community was involved in the investigation, Reid [Britain’s Home Secretary] would not comment. "We are involved in a long wide and deep struggle against very evil people," Reid said. "This is not a case of one civilization against another, one religion against another." (source)

Captured: 21 Islamic extremists, but there may be as many as 30 more.

I hope this close call illustrates why the NSA programs and money tracking programs are so important. And makes clear to the NYT that there are times when human lives should supersede the selling of newspapers...

***When we went to Florida and I was having a bit of a panic attack on the plane (I hadn't flown since 9/11), everyone kept saying to me that nothing would happen to planes again. I knew that wasn't true. If something worked "well" why switch game plans?

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