Saturday, August 26, 2006

Third Trimester Update:

Well, AB (My little sis -also a commenter here for the new folk) is now in her third trimester already with only 7 weeks to go until baby M_____ arrives (I'm not allowed to blab her name yet). She did let me pick the middle name -with veto power of course ;)

As you can see she looks huge... I was thinking maybe it's because she's still so skinny everywhere else. I don't know how her skin can possibly stretch 7 more weeks worth...
Random strangers tell her "Congratulations" that "she's having twins" --even the girl at the Maternity store thought she was having twins.

The 3-D/4-D ultrasound showed one baby girl. So as far as we know there is no second baby, but the other night her doctor told her she was "measuring big".
Now you have to know that she always teases her hubby for having a big head and now she's getting paranoid. She's worried the baby's head will esure a C-section.
She's mad because I've been doodling pictures of the impending baby and e-mailing them to her at work...;) LOL

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