Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Reads to Keep You Busy...

1) Remember the anti-American/anti-Semitic movie, Valley of the Wolves Iraq starring Gary Busey and Billy Zane, that opened to great fanfare in Turkey? Well, it's now made its way over to the Left Coast.
Zombie attended and gives us the details and links to watch the entire movie online at Google video.

2) Desultory Butterfly is home from AIT and missing her drill sergeants?! ;) Go say Congrats and welcome home!

3) Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has a complete description of the newly commissioned USS William Jefferson Clinton. You have to read it...

4) Wizbang aptly illustrates why we shouldn't make deals with the devil. Why does the world keep feeling the need to bargain with terrorists...?

5) Joe Darby, the soldier that exposed the Abu Ghraib 'abuse', claims he feared retaliation. "...agents had to smuggle him out wrapped in rugs and blankets to conceal his identity."

(Cartoon Credit: Daryl Cagle)

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