Friday, August 18, 2006

Score 1 for the ACLU & the Terrorists

Last week a MAJOR terror plot was successfully disrupted (and a six month old Muslim baby's life was saved -among hundreds of American and British lives) thanks to the Scotland Yard's bugging and wiretapping capabilities (which far exceed what we can do even with the NSA program). Actual breathing, flesh and blood lives were saved... Isn't that what the left is all about? Saving "civilian lives"? Or not this time because it's nasty, Capitalistic American lives?

The pure practicality of the need to catch murderers didn't stop U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor (Detroit) from ruling that the Bush Administration's NSA program was "unconstitutional".

When will people in this country understand that law enforcement and WAR are two different things?

A constitutional lawyer from the Heritage Foundation claims they will have no trouble getting this ruling overturned. It is currently stayed ---which means we are okay for now.

It makes me nervous that so many people have so much to hide...

(Picture is the ACLU's legal she "every lib woman" or wonder lefty men are so humorless --except D-NC of course LOL)

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