Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Reuters-gate Morphs into Media-gate

...and we still haven't come up with that word. Blog-bared. Blog-slapped. Blexposed.

Ghostie Alix was right yesterday when she said that Reuters would be the tip of the iceberg...

AllahPundit seems to have exposed both the New York Times and U.S. News in the nasty business of publishing Photoshopped and downright fake/posed photos. (Michelle Malkin has all the pics posted)

Having rescue workers pose as dead people? Why? Honestly, I really don't get the motivation of the American media here?

Because Israel is a ally to Bush they need to portray them as cold-blooded murderers like they do to U.S. troops...but why? Someone help me understand.

And in actual news the MSM seems to be ignoring:

The soldier accused of raping and Iraqi girl and killing her family, Pfc. Jesse Spielman, has denied that he shot or had sex with anyone in the house and has passed a polygraph test. (H/T: Andy)

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