Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reuters Blog-Bared

Has there been a word invented yet for when someone is exposed by the blogosphere? Okay, mine sucks so that's assignment #1.

First Powerline with Rathergate and now Little Green Footballs with Reutersgate.

If you haven't already seen all the pics you can go to Michelle Malkin's page and scroll down. I think she has them all.

I'm more interested in the fact that the MSM disdains bloggers (people sitting in front of the computer in their underwear) and yet, once again, it's bloggers that catch a major snafu that the MSM didn't bother to see (or want to see). Just like the Dan Rather documents, their bias kept them from the truth.

Can the MSM possibly lose any more credibility? I do believe we are sitting on the threshold of a complete shift in media... Too cool.

(Comic Credit: Cox & Forkum)

Update: Zombie breaks it all down

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