Friday, August 18, 2006

Random November Election Stuff

1) Charlie Rangel has promised to leave his Congressional seat if the Dems don't take back Congress... Well, I don't know, things may be boring without his scratchy voice around.

2) Is anyone in the Philly area planning on going to the Lynn Swann Rally?
Tuesday August 22, 2006
Springfield Country Club
There will be food (No Charge/No Tickets Required)

3) I am pretty ambivalent about Rick Santorum as a Senator. I can't envision voting for a Dem over him in this political climate (even though the challenger is pro-life), but I have no overwhelming allegiance to him as a politician.
However...I am a major campaign wonk --I love watching the political process and I have to say... hate him or love him, Santorum's new commercial is pure political genius.

It's upbeat, there's nothing about an opponent, saying he's middle-of-the-road, distancing himself from the White House and playing to the Unions... genius. I'll have to look up who's heading his campaign. I'm impressed Ricky --It's exactly the ad I would have run.

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