Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Question for American Veterans...

I found this over at Free Republic and thought it was quite interesting --both the question posed and wondering what the addressed crowd would answer...

Begin Post by FR's tricky_k_1972:

"I'm just wondering of those fellow soldiers out there, whom would actually join the IDF in it's fight against the Islamic jihad?

Are any of you willing to put your "money" where your mouth is? Are you willing to fight for western society, for your families, for your beliefs?

I have lost faith in the US public to understand the battle we are currently fighting. I do not think the majority of the US public understands the enemy we are facing.

I have 1 condition for Israel, you MUST fight to destroy the Islamist Fundamentalists, not cease fire, not truce, not a comparative understanding but to DESTROY the enemy.

I would like current and former soldiers opinions and what they are willing to DO.

How to contact the IDF:" End Post.

Also, here is an article from an Israeli thanking the IDF soldiers the morning his daughter is born.

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