Monday, August 21, 2006

President Hillary --Is She Picking up Steam?

Of course I won't say anything silly like "I'm leaving the country if Hillary wins"... I'm a pretty optimistic person and a Hillary win, while devastating for the country, would be a endless treasure-trove for conservative bloggers...

A new Time Poll released seems to indicate that it really could happen. In two years the country could have our first woman President.

"... According to the poll - which will hit newsstands tomorrow - Clinton would be the only Dem to make it a real race against GOP favorite Sen. John McCain.

The poll shows a statistical dead heat, with McCain getting 49 percent of the vote to Clinton's 47 percent. The 2-point gap is within the poll's margin of error.

By comparison, McCain would wallop John Kerry by 10 points, and slap former veep Al Gore by 9.

Americans appear to have at long last warmed to Bubba's long-suffering wife. She has the highest favorable rating of big-dog Dems: 53 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of her. That tops Gore at 49 percent, and former Sens. John Edwards and Kerry at 46.

The poll also found that Dems overwhelmingly describe Clinton as a strong leader with strong moral values, while Republicans view her as an opportunist who'd say or do anything to advance her political career." (source)

I inferred from the headline that Hillary was the poll winner --but good news for those that lean to the right, both McCain and Giulianii scored higher despite the MSM telling us that the country is disgusted with the Republican Party.

(**Here's a great OpEd about the 9/11 Republicans and the liberal base succeeding to embolden the right --written by a Left Coast Democrat**)

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