Thursday, August 03, 2006

Prehistoric Metrosexuals

First off, let's get straight what a "Metrosexual" is...

"The trait of an urban male of any sexual orientation who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great amount of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle." (source)

This is a man secure enough in himself to shed the societal vestiges of "frumpy male", don some Diesel jeans, a Kenneth Cole shirt and a handful of Fudge pomade and set forth looking coifed and smelling wonderful.

Now it seems this is hardly a new phenomenon...

"...For decades it has been a man's privilege to scoff at the lengths to which women will go to make themselves look beautiful. But go back a few thousand years, and the male of the species went to extraordinary lengths to look good.

Scientists examining prehistoric bodies found in the peat bogs of Ireland have discovered evidence of careful grooming on male corpses.

One of the bodies, dug up in 2003 at Clonycavan, near Dublin, had mohawk-style hair, held in place with a gel substance. The other, unearthed three months later 40km away in Oldcroghan, had carefully manicured fingernails.

The findings on the bodies, which are 2300 years old, suggest that despite living in the Iron Age, ancient man had some modern concerns.

"The message I'm getting is that although they were living in a different time, a different culture, eating different things and living in a different way, people are people - they're the same in their thinking," said Rolly Read, head of conservation at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin." (source)

(...And before you say anything disparaging...remember, AB and I are both married to men that throw around 800 lb. furnaces all day and shop at Bloomingdales by night! LOL)

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