Monday, August 14, 2006

NYT Acknowledging Stem Cells Not A Miracle in Waiting?

"...In the five years since President Bush authorized and at the same time restricted research on human embryonic stem cells, a marked shift has taken place in some scientists’ views of how the research is likely to benefit medicine. Many no longer see cell therapy as the first goal of the research, parting company with those whose near-term expectations for cell therapy remain high.

Instead, these researchers envisage a longer-term program in which human embryonic cells would be a research tool to study the mechanisms of disease. From this, they say, many therapeutic benefits may emerge, like new drugs, which would probably be available at least as soon as any cell therapy treatment...(source)


I've said this before, but I'm perfectly willing to repeat myself...

In a Capitalistic society, money rules right? So if stem cells were the cure-all they've been touted to be --wouldn't Merck et all have jumped all over the research? I should think so.

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