Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina Reflection: What Lessons Learned?

Quick post from ALa

There has been so much I have wanted to write since I've been down here in beautiful, sunny (but still a little to crowded this time of year) Outer Banks, NC... BUT, Sprint lied to us and our high speed card does not work "anywhere in the country". Our connection here is 15X slower than dial up. It took me almost two hours to get Nimbus' post from my email, upload a picture for it and post it yesterday. Needless to say, unless a small technical miracle occurs this will be the last time you hear from me until Sunday...

But, I did feel like I needed to say something about the one year anniversary of Katrina...and in perfect succession to the guest post yesterday:

For all those that champion socialized medicine or just those in dire health care straits (like The Man and I) who wonder if a national health care would be better than nothing --look to New Orleans one year ago and take it as a shining example that government (on the city, state and federal level) can't really handle anything efficiently.

'They' say that we have anniversaries and study history to learn from our mistakes --that is the only lesson I see learned from this disaster: remember that is the American citizens that are resilient and resourceful and the government bloated and wasteful. Well, that and evacuate when you're told to...

Good luck rebuilding, New Orleans – I look forward to finally getting to visit the Big Easy... (even if Mayor Nagin wants it strictly "chocolate")

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