Friday, August 18, 2006

JonBenet Takes the MSM By Storm...

A ten year old case takes this much precedence over the Israel situation, the war in Iraq, impending elections, Afghanistan and the London terror plot? And for what...?

I highly doubt that dude did it. Yes, the man is an effeminate, weasely looking man who deserves to be in jail... Not necessarily for being an effeminate, weasely looking man, but for past sex offenses, and the fact that he was found with kiddie porn when he has worked in dozens of schools (and that he is currently in the child-sex capital of the world).

I think John Mark Karr is a sick *expletive*, but my gut feeling is he did not kill JonBenet. I think he obsessed over the case and being a pedophile he "fell in love" with her and this is his way to be connected to her somehow.

Too many things just don't add up. I guess the forensic evidence they have from under JonBenet's nails and her underpants will be the telling factor, but I'm not jumping on the "everyone should apologize to the Ramsey parents" bandwagon.

I'm not alone in my doubts.

...I'm not even going to get into the debate about a five year old being made into a sex symbol --as I shouldn't speak ill of the dead.

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