Friday, August 25, 2006

Islam Despises Women: Example #3,496

The "Hudood Ordinance", passed 27 years ago in Pakistan, is based on Shari'a law:

"The Hudood Ordinance criminalizes all extra-marital sex. Even when the woman claims that she was raped and not involved in adultery, she must have four pious male witnesses to prove rape, but only Muslim men can testify in cases involving Muslim women (non-Muslim rape victims may also produce four non-Muslim male witnesses). But if four witnesses are not provided by the woman but rape is proved by other means (e.g medical evidence) then the jury can punish the accused according to the Pakistani penal court.[1] For married couples, the punishment for adultery is death by stoning but this has never been carried out. Unmarried people receive 100 lashes.

This ordinance has sometimes been misused against rape victims if they are not able to provide four male witnesses, however the extent to which this occurs is currently disputed. In certain situations, the alleged rapist accuses the raped woman of confessing to consensual intercourse."

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is attempting to rewrite these laws, but is meeting fierce opposition by the Mullahs of the religion of peace.

"...It also sets no minimum age for sex with girls, saying only that they should have reached puberty. A powerful militant Muslim lobby regards this code as sacred and based on Koranic texts and shari’a law. No previous Pakistani leader, not even the country's first female leader, Benazir Bhutto, dared reform it.

But Gen Musharraf's allies in parliament sparked the fury of the militant opposition by introducing a Women Protection Bill. This would remove the requirement for four male witnesses to prove rape and set 16 as the age of consent for sex with girls.

When this measure came before parliament, Islamic radicals responded by tearing up copies of the bill and storming out. "This bill is against the Holy Koran," said Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the leader of the militant opposition. "We reject it and will try to block it in any possible manner." Other MPs chanted "death to Musharraf" and "Allah is great." (source)

They are that mad over the age being moved to 16? Is Islam the religion of pedophilia and peace? I guess so since a top leader said this reform was "an attack on Islam"...

These women must all suffer from Stockholm Syndrome to remain in this "religion".

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