Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is This My Debra LaFave?

This is one of those 'penance' posts I feel the need to write every so often...

I gave the men here a lot of grief about defending that hot little blonde teacher that had sex with her 13 year old student. It was the first time the comments here were split down gender instead of party lines. The women said it was still molestation and Debra Lafave was a sexual predator, but most of the men said it was different and they wish they would have been that 13 year old boy. I'll be honest, I was disgusted.

Yesterday I read the story about the 36 year old Shotokan Karate Sensei in Florida that was arrested for allegedly "having an affair" with a 16 year old student. I looked up his school's website and read through it. He had been an MP in the Army, he started after school programs to keep kids out of trouble and boot camp programs, he's been teaching since 1988 without one complaint, he travels to Japan and learns from the monks, and his referral page is more than impressive....and... he's really nice looking.

My first thought --there is no way he did this. And I don't think he did. It doesn't fit. It sounds like a girl had a crush on him and is being vindictive because he didn't respond.

...But I realize that it was his resume and possibly his looks that verified my initial thoughts. So was the double standard about Debra LaFavre less about the fact that she was a woman and more about the fact that she was a cute woman? And if so, can I be disgusted with you guys if I find myself believing the Sensei...?

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