Monday, August 14, 2006

The Iranian President is Blogging?

Go figure...
Ahmadinejad (There is an 'English' option, though it didn't work for me).

Despite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's open disdain for the U.S. and a "ban on exports of Microsoft products to Iran", he's blogging and the site's administrator has a Google email account.

I laughed at this little dig from the MSM:

"...In keeping with most personal blogs his first entry is excessively long and rather dull, a fact he bashfully admits at the end."

And I felt this was trivializing things just a bit:

"...If Iran's nuclear programme is built to the same standards as the president's blog, the West has little to fear.

The code used to generate the site failed all of the standard validation tests."(source)

If they wanted to be trivial what they should have said was: 'Doesn't he know that blogging is so two years ago!' ;)

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