Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Go Joe.

Even though a loss for Lieberman may be the best thing that even happened to the floundering Republican party... I can't bring myself to root against one of the few FDR Democrats left in this country. Lieberman votes against my interests about 85% of the time, but he gives me hope in the Blue States.

Good luck Joe, this conservative hopes you win. It will give me faith that Democrats still believe in strong national defense despite all the other evidence to the contrary...

(Both Clinton & Max Cleland campaigned for Lieberman --the New York Times, N.O.W. and the left'o'sphere endorsed Ned Lamont. I guess they are overlooking that he is a millionaire and former Republican...)

Update: Lieberman's campaign websites were hacked. This is no surprise considering Lamont is backed by Moveon.org.

Update: Early results show Joe trailing Lamont.

Update: Jay is reporting that Lieberman has conceded to Lamont. Sorry Joe.

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