Friday, August 11, 2006

Faking Your Kid's Death for Cash?

Pretty sick huh?

Michael Ruffalo was hired by Lancope Inc. (an Atlanta-based software firm) and almost immediately went on paid leave. The company allowed this because "his son had cancer" and then "his son died".

"...According to the lawsuit, Lancope hired Ruffalo in November as a regional account manager and shortly afterward he said his son, Aiden, had been diagnosed with leukemia.

Messages in January reported "things aren't going as well as we had hoped" ... "(we) continue to hope for a miracle," and then, after the boy allegedly died, "It's been an extremely difficult time for us losing our son."

He also reported that his pregnant wife had to undergo a Caesarean section and the newborn had a lung ailment, the suit said.

Finally, said Lancope attorney Robert Weissflach, the company called the school where the wife worked "to ask about sending flowers and it was clear after that telephone call that the child had not passed away." In fact, neither Aiden nor his baby brother was ill, the lawsuit says...." (source)

This man seems to have successfully figured out a way to never work and get paid... Since this suit was filed another company says he did they same thing at their firm (also claiming his son "had been rushed to the hospital"). He got over $21,000 from the first company and $40,151 in salary and benefits from the second...

I never even say my kids have a cold when they don't for feel I will jinx them with my lie... I guess this guy doesn't believe in Karma.

(H/T: Liz)

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