Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Class Action Law Suits

Aside from flat-out insurance fraud, class action suits are a big contributor to the insane insurance prices... I am sure there are worthwhile suits out there --I believe my grandfather was involved in one against U.S. Steel (and he does have asbestosis), but I think when all was said and done he got like 40 bucks.

Most C.A. suits I read about (i.e. against the tobacco companies) seem like thinly guised get-rich-quick endeavors.

For the past few weeks I keep seeing a recruiting add for a class action suit against the manufacturers of ACE (Angiotensin-converting-enzyme) inhibitors. The commercial (run by a local law firm) asks if you were taking ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure during your first trimester of Pregnancy. If you were call could sue. And your baby could have heart and brain defects.

Now here's the thing. I'm not saying I don't have sympathy for babies born with defects -whether from the drug or not, but every women I know realizes doctors aren't the Amazing Kreskin and most mothers feel bad popping a Tylenol for a migraine while they're pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant with Ninja until I was almost three months (first trimester) would I have been eligible to sue? The doctor should have known when I didn't? Is the doctor supposed to ignore your blood pressure (that's so bad during your child-bearing years that you need to be on meds) and have you sue him for that too when you end up with a heart condition and lose the baby?

Sorry, this was one of my yelling at the TV moments and I had to vent...

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