Friday, August 11, 2006

Can We Profile Yet?

All of the Security steps we take toward achieving a modicum of national Security are well publicized --that means the murdering terrorists can easily plan for alternative contingencies. One of the last things the U.S. needed to do was address liquids on planes...they have learned to adapt to our regulations.

If people are uncomfortable with racial or religious about behavioral profiling? (Personally, I think a combination of racial, religious and behavioral profiling would allow the most success)

We need a way to stop this without the terrorists being privy to the information.

It's time for America to decide what worked better in history: Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter. What philosophy we want now: Joe Lieberman or Cindy Sheehan? What kind of military we want: Puller or Murtha? Do we want a hope of peace through strength or do we want to prolong the inevitable with appeasement? Can we please get serious?!

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