Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another Carter...??

NO! The economy is so good --no Carters allowed!

Jack Carter, one of Jimmy's offspring, is running for John Ensign's Nevada Senate seat. Jack's got a lot against him: His father's Presidential legacy, his father's genes (Ensign was on the "50 Most Beautiful People on Capital Hill" list), his father's politics, and most important in any campaign...virtually no money.

So what does Jack do? He reunites Carter and Mondale for the first time in over 20 years for a fundraiser...(source) Now, maybe the "Misery Index" Duo would have been more effective for eldest son Jack if Dad Cater didn't constantly feel the need to be in the spotlight...

For example, just the other day former President Carter said:

"President Bush has pursued an "erroneous policy" that has fostered violence in the Middle East, said former President Jimmy Carter, who brokered the historic Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt.

"In my opinion, maybe the worst ally Israel has had in Washington has been the George W. Bush administration, which hasn't worked to bring a permanent peace to Israel," Carter said Friday during a stop in West Michigan." (emphasis mine)(source)

Some would say it was Carter that first gave terrorism a foothold in the Middle East and

*allowing the Shah of Iran to fall (betrayal of the Shah of Iran created a Middle East nightmare that plagues the U.S. to this day)
*actions that led to the murders of dozens of top Iranian military officials
*support for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and other radical, abusive regimes that hate the U.S.
*systematic embrace of terrorists, communists, and anti-American strongmen (source)

Then again, people have a habit of only remembering what they want to...

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