Saturday, August 05, 2006

And The Sabbatical Must End...

Well, I'm back. It was short, but sweet --and leave it to The Man to put pornography on my site the minute I leave... (To all the emails regarding the picture posted -No, that is not me...)

I don't know what people in fly-over country do --but there are times I just need to see the ocean. A pond, lake, river or pool just won't suffice. I need to be at the lapping edge of the Atlantic and when that feeling happens I need to just pack up and go. Thankfully ALa/AB MOM was down for a last minute trip to Jersey's Northern beaches. We did Pt. Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights... Aside from the EVIL horseflies, it was perfect.

At Pt. Pleasant, I had a question answered for me... Do Muslim women go to the beach? And if they do, what the heck do they wear...?

Well, they wear what they always wear of course --while their husbands and sons sit half-naked in their Western bathing suits... The mom in full head-dress and the two daughters in JEANS in the ocean. This almost ruined my day (they were next to us). I was seething at the unfairness of it all. (And I hope Mr. Teenage Muslim boy doesn't think I didn't watch him checking out all the bikini girls all day...)

But then I found something to take my mind of the misogyny... (I don't care if he had an armband tesco, he was still cute...and it was Jersey after all...)

Being that we normally beach at the Outer Banks, it's been almost 4 years since I've been on a real boardwalk... Gone are the oversized Tweetybirds--Boardwalk Games have really come a long way:

I felt this sign begged to have its picture taken:

I really needed to go on this ride, but alas could find no one to brave it with me... (you should have seen how fast this thing spun around...)

And, last but not least, the whole reason you go to a boardwalk in Jersey (aside from the ocean and the fudge) --Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. Don't be fooled by the sour imitations --only the ones with the sliced up lemons that have to be vigorously shaken to dissolve the 2" of sugar sludge in the bottom will do:

...See, I didn't shirk my responsibilities, I was thinking of you guys the whole time ;)

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