Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 of the Missing 11 Egyptians in U.S. Custody

Are we safer now than we were then? I'd like to think so, but obviously there is still tons of work to be done. I am sure the cries of 'profiling' are what is hindering this much needed tightening of our tracking and security...

It was reported yesterday morning that ELEVEN Egyptian students have been missing since they came into the U.S. They all came into the U.S. to attend Montana State University, but after the plane landed in NYC they never showed up at the school.

They have been unaccounted for 13 days.

Yesterday afternoon two of the men turned themselves in at a New Jersey police station and one of the men was taken into custody in Minnesota. All of their VISAs had been terminated when they failed to show at MSU.

It was a bit disturbing to hear how cavalier MSU was about the remaining 8 boys...

"...Norm Peterson is the vice provost for international education at Montana State. He said he doubts the school will have any future contact with the missing students.

"I guess I'm not optimistic that we are ever going to hear from them," he said Wednesday. "It's more likely that they will hopefully depart from the country as soon as possible voluntarily - or the federal authorities will continue to track them down and deal with them appropriately." (source)

(This is even more disconcerting in light of this morning's news from the UK)

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