Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Young Americans"

Pat Dollard is a Hollywood-type that decided he would fund his own trip to Iraq and finally "film the truth" of the situation there. He spent 7 months with members of the USMC in three of the "nastiest battlefronts of the Iraqi Theater of the War on Terror: Fallujah, The Triangle of Death, and Ramadi:

"...Take the time to discover for yourself exactly "who is pat Dollard". You will undoubtedly find a sincere and honest filmmaker interviewing both Americans and Iraqis alike. You will see our Iraqi counterparts in a new light. View those men, who some of us call brother, husband, father, or son as they unconditionally express themselves to the camera. The candid and revealing footage, along with the many visceral images throughout this film, pay a tribute to Pat's natural ability as a filmmaker. The technical and creative merit of this film rivals that of seasoned documentary filmmakers.

Bottom line: Prepare to have your opinion of this war changed forever.

Semper Fidelis, Capt Ig" (source)

Watch Hannity & Colmes interview Dollard about his new documentary "Young Americans" and see clips of the movie --most memorably a shoot where one of the new Iraqi guard calls Michael Moore "a little bitch"... LOL And see the filmmaker talking about the bias in Hollywood:

"I have come to respect the average US Marine more than the average civilian, and the USMC more than any organization I’ve ever been involved with or studied. These kids are carrying the weight of history’s most important and difficult work on their shoulders - - period.

Oh, and no one has any real clue what is in this 20 hour doc series by watching a couple of three minute clips. Save your ranting. You look stupid trying to be omniscient after a few minutes of viewing. The clips I’ve put up are the tiniest of appetizers, the thinnest of soda straw perspectives.

I’m cutting away, and hoping to be done with the bulk of the project by the end of the Summer. Stay tuned for more clips." -Pat Dollard

Young Americans Trailer

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