Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yates: Not Gulity

I know this may not be a popular opinion --and I wish there was a "Guilty by reason of insanity" verdict... But, I find Rusty Yates WAY more culpable in the systematic murders of those five children than his wife.

She was plainly sick in the head for years. She has a huge history of post-partum. She told her doctor Satan was telling her to stab someone after her first child ...yet Rusty felt he should keep impregnating this woman whose family had a major history of mental illness. He also felt she should home-school five their nice four bedroom house? Oh no, Rusty believe woman should "obey their master" and not be concerned with material items, so he moved them from the house into a trailer...and ordered the home-schooling to commence just three days after she returned with baby #5. Now he's already re-married so he can begin inseminating another woman -and he married her in the church where his children's funerals were held. Rusty Yates is a sick (expletive) that should be held more accountable than his ex-wife because he isn't mentally ill (at least not in the classic use of the word).

However, the problem I have with this verdict is what is to stop a judge or shrink from declaring her 'healed' and releasing her while she is still of child-bearing age?

(Story about new verdict)

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