Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Worst Clerical Error Ever...

Sorry Captain, you were pulled from the IRR list and sent to Iraq for a year by mistake...Ooops.

"...Jim Dillinger was 43 when he received a letter from the Defense Department in May 2004 saying he was one of 5,600 members of the Individual Ready Reserve being sent to Iraq. The IRR is a component of the Army made up of retired soldiers who agree to be subject to recall to active duty for a defined time.

When Dillinger signed up for the IRR in 1997, his contract said his military obligation would end in April 1999. But his personnel record mistakenly said his service would end in July 2010 — the date he would have been discharged had he remained in the Ohio National Guard. He had resigned his captain's commission in 1996 after serving 17 years in the Guard.

"They were still carrying me on the books as a captain," Dillinger, now 45, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "And nobody caught it. Including me."

Dillinger was told he had not been discharged because of the military's "stop-loss" program, which kept thousands of soldiers from ending their tours or retiring.

"That explanation didn't make complete sense to me, but I accepted it," he said. "I'd been in the Army a long time, and when they tell you something, you believe it." (source)

I found this article from 2004 when he was called up. To add insult to injury it seems that since he had resigned his Captain’s commission he went back in as a Sergeant. He was making $4,800 a month in his civilian job and only made $2362 a month during his tour of duty.

He's pretty gracious about the mistake though saying that the men he served with are like brothers and that he feels he accomplished good during his year serving in Iraq... I realize clerical errors happen everywhere everyday, but damn... I wonder if the government will reimburse him the discrepancy in pay.

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