Monday, July 24, 2006

Where are Steinem & Wolf?

This article: A Shameful Silence on Women's Rights begs the question I have been asking for years now... Where are all the feminists when it comes to speaking out against the treatment of women in Islam?

"...In this cultural clash, the treatment of women is the most hotly contested terrain. Not just the treatment of non-Muslim women by Muslim men, but the treatment of Muslim women within Western culture. Many Muslim women live under constraints that are unacceptable to wider society. For years, a symptom of this tension, which is largely submerged, has been the distraught young women turning up at the Australian embassy in Beirut to escape forced marriages.

In the midst of this cultural and moral struggle one element has been conspicuously missing - the feminists - the authors, academics and commentators who rose to prominence as advocates of women's rights. In Australia and Europe, their response to the growing levels of sexual intimidation, harassment or suppression of women by Muslim men has either been a deafening chorus of silence, or denial and blame-shifting.

Instead, the combat has been left to journalists, and the heaviest work has been done, at great risk to themselves, by dissident women inside Islamic culture...." (source)

Every time I see a women sheathed in black from head to toe in 95° head feels like it's going to explode. I get mad at their husbands, at their religion and at them for allowing it to happen.

Have even the revolutionary feminists become to PC to speak out?

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