Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vacationing in Lebanon, Then Pointing the Finger?!

Can someone PLEASE explain to me the whining and complaining and finger pointing about Americans not being able to get out of Lebanon?! Why the hell would you be in Lebanon to begin with?! And why is it the government's problem when despite State department travel warnings and advisories you decided to go to a country in the Middle East that sit next to Israel and Syria and elected Hezbollah to its Parliament?!

"Where are you America?" her sign says?!... How about "why was I so bereft of rational thought that I decided to vacation in Lebanon"...

It's hard to muster any sympathy. I'm in a crappy mood today, but even if I wasn't I don't think much sympathy would be forthcoming... The geniuses over at the Democratic Underground are comparing it to Katrina... *sigh* Has personal responsibility been completely lost on this country?

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