Tuesday, July 25, 2006

$$Using the Names of the Fallen$$

Judy Vincent, whose 21 year old son Marine Cpl. Scott Michael Vincent was killed by a homicide bomber in Iraq, has urged Congress to draft a law that would stop the commercial use of fallen troops' names and images.

The "Soldiers Targeted by Offensive Profiteering Act" was introduced by Rep. Dan Boren (D).

"...Vincent specifically is angered by a Flagstaff, Ariz., man’s anti-war merchandise. He sells T-shirts listing the names of 1,700 soldiers killed in Iraq along with the phrase: “Bush lied. They died.” (carryabigsticker.com)

Oklahoma and Louisiana have enacted laws similar to the measure now in Congress.

“Two states is not enough to shut down people like him and people in the future,” Vincent said. “We don’t need to go through this. I’ve gone through this a year and a half." (source)

As much as I hate the thought of these soldiers and Marines being used for political gain... I mean I really hate it and if it were my son I am sure I would be freaking out. Personal profit from someone else’s loss and pain is pretty sick.

...But more legislation? I'm just not sure how this jives with the First Amendment.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Anti-War folks (since they claim to care troops have died) would just be honorable and remove the names if the family objects. Respect, consideration and no legislation... I guess that makes way too much sense. Am I off base here?

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