Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two Questions For the Democrats

Okay guys, I need some serious help understanding two things... Please help.

First Question:
For the life of me I can't understand why Democrats would feel more favorable about John McCain as a candidate than Joe Lieberman. This is not a question or post that serves my interests in any way –I am just completely curious as to the inner workings of the left-leaning mind...

I hear Dems and Libs praise McCain often yet for Lieberman all I seem to hear/read is disdain.

Let's take a look at their records to try to make sense of this off phenomenon:

(These numbers are ratings given to the Senators from special interest groups -source)

Now how can liberals possibly like John McCain over Lieberman –look at those numbers…why is Joe such an outcast? Does support for the war in Iraq and our military trump all these other issues for them...?

I need to understand.

Second Question:

This pertains to the "abuse" at GITMO. Abuses such as making men wear women's clothing, putting red ink on their arms and claiming it's menstruation blood and calling them "gay"...

Now, isn't the basis for all of this humiliation their own bigotry? If Muslim men weren't homophobic, misogynistic subjugators would any of these tactics work...? How can liberals find "humiliation" that is playing on un-PC fears wrong? Would you care if someone was "re-educating" Jerry Falwell?

I'm no lib and no hater of the religious right and Muslim men irk the shit out of can feminists/gay activists stomach them and their 13th century views?

And who mistakes INK for blood...?

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