Saturday, July 15, 2006

They Really Do Exist: A Moderate Muslim!

That makes, what? Two? Not that there aren't more, but we certainly don't hear from them without 1,500 qualifiers on each admonition...

"...A paid police informant who calls himself "an observant Muslim" infiltrated a group of men and youths arrested last month and charged with plotting to carry out bomb attacks and kidnappings around southern Ontario, CBC News has learned.

The informant, who spoke to Linden McIntyre of CBC's The Fifth Estate, is 29-year-old Mubin Shaikh, a prominent member of Toronto's Indo-Canadian Muslim community. He was born in Canada to immigrant parents.

Shaikh told CBC News that he had worked undercover for the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service and the police for more than two years, much of that time with the suspects in the alleged bomb plots.

Shaikh, a former army cadet and Canadian Armed Forces reservist, describes the suspects as "fruitcakes...with the capacity to do some real damage." (source)

Since I complain endlessly that "moderate Muslims" never speak out –and don't rally to stop this disaster in the name of their religion, I thought it only fair that I acknowledge when someone does. More Muslims taking a part in proactive participation such as this may be the only way to really stop these plots before they come to fruition. Much respect to Mubin Shaikh for stepping up...

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