Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thank God, I Can Finally Tell...

I am bad at keeping secrets. It's not so much I like to gossip as I just hate secrets--they usually involve lies which beget more lies...well, you get the point. I prefer my life is an open book --it keeps me out of trouble.

So, despite all that I've had a secret. I started taking karate around the time little Ninja started. I didn't want to tell anyone until I earned my first belt. It's been a LONG time since I've been involved with any type of organized sport and though I was an athlete in a time gone by...I wanted to make sure I could still cut it before I told people.

Last night I tested for my yellow belt. I have a long way to go, but these past months have done wonders for my self esteem. It was (and is) humbling to start something new at almost-35. The Man calls me "napoleon dynamite" but I don't care...I LOVE it. I love that I earned my belt. I love that I work my ass off (I had to start riding 8-10 miles on days I don't have class so I could make it through). I love that I am only an inch away from being able to do a split again. I love that I broke boards with my bare hands, feet and elbows. I love that I broke a toe. I love that we start nun chucks next week. And I love that my sensei thinks I'm a natural to train to box (I told him I like my teeth too much -but the sentiment was cool...) We are training in Kenpo Karate but two of our Senseis are World Boxing and Kickboxing Champions --so the classes have very high boxing content.

It's hard to keep it to yourself when you're in love... ;)

Board Breaking & Yellow belt:

In my excitement over testing last night, I completely forgot that yesterday was my two year blogiversary...

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