Saturday, July 08, 2006

Straight Outta the Inbox...

I haven't shared any of my good mail in a while...

There is NO WAY that you're a conservative. I think you're a liberal.

I'm not.

There is no way that any liberals could love a right-wing nut like you. I hate you and I don't even know you.

Sweet. Thanks for taking the time to write.

I have been hoping to find a pretty conservative girl for my son, would it be okay if I sent you his picture and information?

Is he a Marine? No seriously, though I am sure your son is a lovely man -I'm already happily married.

After recently finding your blog site, the guys and I read it ever night while we are working. We are in Iraq and want to thank you for helping us pass the time. Keep up the great work! What happened to the Sandbox posts?

I hate getting emails like this. I know that sounds strange but they made me feel terrible. PLEASE don't thank me when you are the one in Iraq/Afghanistan. I am sitting in front of my computer with a cup of coffee typing. I can't be thanked by you... YOU should be thanked by me. Thank YOU!
I was running out of "material" for the Sandbox, but have not abandoned the idea.

"The Man" doesn't sound like someone I would want around my children if I were you. He uses a lot of profanity and listens to the Devil's music. I would be happy to discuss this negative influenece further if you wish.

Unfortunately the law dictates that he is in fact entitled to be around my children...him being their father and all... ;)

die Ann Coulter wanna-be. if only.

"If only" I was an Ann Coulter wanna-be or "if only" I would die? Well, if it makes you feel better, I will eventually die --and most likely before I am ever an Ann Coulter wanna-be.

Don't YOU UNDERSTAND that YOUR VIEWS are DESTROYING this earth and the GOOD WILL of those that LIVE IN IT?! You are destroying the ENVIROMENT and the WORLD BALANCE and why is it fair the WE are THE ONLY superpower? Why do WE get to DESTROY all the natural resources while others starve. Why do WE get to say WHO HAS NUCLEAR power when WE are the ones THAT CREATED ALL THAT IS BAD in the world. When people BLAME us for Sept. 11 they are NOT being UNPATRIOTIC they are only looking AT THE FACTS FROM HISTORY and saying that we now have a chance to do SOMETHING ABOUT IT. What you are writing is PROPOGANDA that has come down as a mandate from the REPUBLICAN party that looks to make the world into its own image. It's SICK and DISGUSTING and YOU, Ala, will BE HELD ACCOUNTABEL for the PART THAT YOU HAVE PLAYED in the disaster that will come from these policies!!!

Up your meds and adjust your tin foil dude.

Is free0352 a real person? have you met him? Is he as crazy in real life? I don't know why I am so interested. I'm not weird, just curious.

Don't feel bad -I actually get a lot of emails asking about other bloggers. Free is real and I have spoken with him many, many times (his mother too) but we have yet to meet in "real life". He is not crazy (well, other than the fact that he is a jarhead) and spends most of his time laughing at everyone's ire toward him.

Why are you so terrible to Mormons. Don't you realize that a lot of Mormons are conservatives and many Mormons serve in the military. What you are doing is shameful."

OMG, again with the Mormons. I have never been "terrible" to Mormons. In my 34 years on this earth I have never even met a Mormon. Honestly, does the fact that I inquired about mystical underwear and asked if the American people would elect a Mormon president constitute as "terrible"? Have I not questioned aspects of every organized religion? (In Napoleon Dynamite voice..."Gosh!")

If you're so right wing why do you allow your commenters to say whatever they want? Aren't you worried about losing some of your religious right freaks from reading anymore. And if you say you're not like that well, your party IS!

I don't censor. Period.

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