Friday, July 07, 2006

Saddam-al Qaeda Connection?

Kerry said there wasn't one...and so did Kennedy and Kos...

Were Saddam and Bin laden enemies on polar ends of the Islamic religion or does shared hate create strange bedfellows? Maybe we'll never know for sure...

Personally, after U.S. Marines discovered the mural of Iraqi planes crashing into buildings that looked like the twin Towers in one of Saddam's ministries I wasn't going to rule anything out.

"...An Arab regime, possibly Iraq, supplied how-to manuals for Arab operatives working throughout Afghanistan before 9/11, and provided military assistance to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

That's the most likely conclusion drawn from an apparent training manual unearthed in captured Iraqi government computer files translated and analyzed exclusively for Fox News, and made public for the first time.

The document, apparently written before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, could bolster the Bush administration's contention that Saddam Hussein was providing support for Islamic extremists who were plotting against America.

The training manual warns, in stark how-to terms, of the dangers of "information leaks," and instructs Arab operatives inside Afghanistan to dress like Afghan tribesmen, to avoid being followed ("Routine is the enemy of security"), to always be armed, and "to behave as if enemies would strike at any moment."

The manual also cautions Arabs to "beware of rapid and spontaneous friendships with Afghans who speak Arabic," and "always make sure about the identity of your neighbors and classify them as regular people, opponents or allies." (Read the entire story)

I guess this will just be dismissed because FNC is the source. Even if it turns out the "Arab nation" isn't's someone right? Saudi? Then what will the Administration do I wonder...

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