Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pro-Palestinian Jews Protest Israel

In stark contrast to the Pro-Israel rally held in NYC outside the United Nations on Monday --the group "Jewish Voice of Peace" staged an anti-Israel rally in San Francisco yesterday complete with Palestinian flags flying...

"...Demonstrators said the rally reflects a growing trend among American Jews to voice their criticism of the policies of the Israeli government.

Seventeen protesters were arrested for blocking traffic when they locked arms and sat down in the street. The protest was organized by the groups Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for a Free Palestine and Break the Silence...." (source)

What a strange time in history when Jews are marching in support of Jew-hating Muslim terrorist groups and top Democrats are publicly verbalizing support for Israel.

Fellow Blogger Atlas, from Atlas Shrugs, was at the rally and got through to Rush Limbaugh to talk about it. Here is the audio of that call.
She reported that Elie Weisel was in attendance and said, "Thank God Bush is in the White House and God bless President Bush." (She has pictures and video footage)

(Photo Credit: Zombie)

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