Monday, July 31, 2006

Pendleton 8: "Hamdania Incident" Autopsy Completed

The body of Hashim Ibrahim Awad was exhumed and autopsied --the report has been sent to the defense attorneys for the Marines held at Camp Pendleton...

According the charges Awad was bound hands and feet and executed, but the autopsy report seems to tell a different tale. See what happens when we jump the gun.

"...Joseph Casas, attorney for accused Marine Pfc. John Jodka, said there was no evidence of hemorrhaging or other injury conclusive with begin bound or restrained. The autopsy report does not include photos of Awad’s body, he said.

While Casas would not reveal details of the autopsy report because he wanted to keep a suppression motion possible, he did say that the body was badly decomposed because it had been buried and exhumed for examination. There is some speculation that decomposition might make learning all facts surrounding the death impossible." (source)

Also, anyone that has an account at Wikipedia should Edit the entry about Hashim Ibrahim Awad. They seem to have completely forgotten about the whole "accused", "alledged" and "innocent until proven guilty" part of American society... Here is the first line:

"Hashim Ibrahim Awad was an Iraqi citizen, was kidnapped, beaten, and killed in by US Marines on April 26, 2006, an event referred to as the Hamdania incident."

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