Monday, July 24, 2006

Peace Sign Confusion

Cao has a great post up that I will recap here...regarding the peace movement and their symbol.
He asks of the people in these pictures..."Could they be this stupid?" and wonders if maybe they are advertising FOR Mercedes Benz instead of AGAINST war.

The fact that some in the Anti-war movement don't even know how to draw their own symbol prompted me to read about the origin of the "Peace sign":

"...The peace symbol has a convoluted and confusing history. It's most notable appearance in modern times was its first use by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) at their Aldermaston march in 1956. The CND meaning of the symbol is semaphore for 'N' (the two diagonal lines) and 'D' (the two vertical lines). About ten years later, the symbol was adopted as a general peace sign within the student anti-war movement. It became probably the single best known symbol of the youth culture of the sixties. The CND was partly based on traditional churches, and I think they were also conscious of mixing two historic Christian symbols:

* The outer circle, designates EARTH (waste and void, Gen 1:2).
* The inner design, the "witches/crows feet", designate "GOD reaches down" (with gift of salvation, John 3:16).

With the appropriation of the symbol by the peace movement in the sixties, non-traditional and fundamentalist Christians (who apparently knew nothing of Christian symbols) placed a satanic meaning on it, calling it the Witch's Foot, or Crow's Foot (and sometimes Chicken's Foot), or Broken Cross. In the 1980s, the symbol was further appropriated (at least in the U.S.) to represent environmentalism. In this sense, it is rendered as a blue and green imitation of the U.S. flag, with the peace symbol replacing the stars in the canton...." (source)

I wonder if the symbol would be so widely used by that crowd if they realized the religious connotation it holds...
Maybe they're trying to combine the peace sign and the "abortion hanger" sign? Who knows, I, long ago, gave up trying to understand the "No war ever" crowd... 'Cause ya know, I think slavery and the holocaust and Saddam's rape rooms needed to end. But that's just me.

(H/T: Cao)

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Anonymous said...

If you understood the "No war ever crowd" you'd know that the holocaust and oppression from dictators would never have surfaced if their philosophy was wide-spread. Unfortunately it's far from just you to be stuck in an "oppression kills oppression with God's right" mindset.