Monday, July 24, 2006

Organized Labor: The Carps

Do you ever wonder what all those union dues go to --besides political PACS where the members have no say in who gets their dollars? Well, I found an URGENT Carpenter union issue that warranted a huge flashing "Important Notice" gif on their site:

"Important Notice
It has recently come to our attention that some signatory employers have utilized, or are considering the utilization of, doors with pre-installed hardware. As you are aware, the installation of hardware on doors is, and always has been, performed at the job site by Carpenters / Members represented by the Council. IT IS THE POLICY OF THIS COUNCIL THAT NO DOOR WILL BE HUNG THAT ARRIVES ON THE JOB WITH PRE-INSTALLED HARDWARE. Our Members are asked to please inform the job Steward and contact the Council office immediately if doors arrive at the job site with pre-installed hardware. Thank you." (source)

Can you imagine...someone trying to take a good 6 hours of overtime from the carpenters by sending doors that already have the doorknob in them! OMG! What's a union thug to do?!

I also found businesses they want you to boycott -can you imagine The Man boycotting people that didn't hire him? People don’t have the right to shop a better price or better workmanship without being boycotted?

I'll post it as a list where you should go out of your way to shop/eat at:

Outback Steak House
Merrill Lynch
Ruby Tuesdays
Keystone Bank
International House of Pancakes (IHOP)
Steve & Barry's University Sportswear
Food Lion Stores (always shop there in OBX)
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Brandow Chrysler --Jenkintown & Warminster )
First Financial Bank
Bob Evans Restaurants (Ate there Saturday for the first time)
Barnes & Noble Book Stores
Sneaker Villa
Albert’s Cafe & Sports Bar in Philadelphia

(Photo Credit: Philadelphia Carpenters Union website -Notice, typical Union one is working...)

(H/T: Liz)

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