Sunday, July 09, 2006

NY's Subway Psycho...a B.S. Reader?!

I was reading some stories about that dude in NYC that grabbed two cordless power saws (that a worker had carelessly left on a bench in the subway) and went on a rampage. He was wielding the saws at passengers and attempting the slice and dice them! He sliced one man, a 64 year old, right down the chest...with a Sawzall! Jesus.

"He was trying to cut through me and he never stopped," Steinberg was quoted as saying in the New York Post newspaper on Friday. "The motor kept going on and he never stopped -- for two, three, four times, he never stopped." (source)

There were a few things about the suspect that caught my eye:
First, the attack took place near Columbia University... just sayin'.
Second was the description given:

"... the suspect, described by witnesses as a thin man in his 30s, who had earrings in both ears and was possibly carrying a teddy bear." (source)

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