Monday, July 10, 2006

No More African Charity!

That's the message to the West from an African journalist. He claims all the aid and debt relief is only funding corruption and making life worse for the people it seeks to help.

"...“White society is being blackmailed. The white world looks at Africa from a position of guilt,” he told a seminar at IPN, the London think tank. The beneficiaries of aid are governments, politicians, the staff of aid agencies and charities, he says. Head in hands in mock despair, he reels off a list of “charities” that sprang into being when the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria began to disburse its millions. “There was Children of Hope, there was Hope for Children, there was Help the Children.”

Vast sums vanished into the pockets of politicians and corrupt government officials. Money from Western taxpayers, corporations and individual donations raised with rock star endorsement was siphoned into private bank accounts. The scandal eventually forced the Global Fund to suspend its $200 million (£110 million) grant to Uganda.

“The sick and dying in hospitals never saw the money,” he says.

Mr Mwenda is not alone in his attacks on what he calls the “rapacity of the African state”. However, he goes further than that, turning over stones that reveal nasty wriggling creatures where most of us would rather see purity and goodwill.

Aid is the problem, not the solution, he says. Debt relief is a moral hazard. What is the incentive for country “A” to continue paying interest on its borrowings if country “B” steals the money, defaults and then gets debt relief." (source)

People have been saying this for years -that the corrupt governments get all the money and the kids with the flies never see a cent...
I remember being in the Bahamas and having the hotel staff tell us not to give the little locals money. They said because all the tourists hand out cash for their songs, etc. they never go to school so they can hang out around the hotels. They basically told us tourism was creating illiteracy…
What's a guilty white person to do when they can't throw money at the problem...? Does this mean that instead of being philanthropists, Bono, Bob Geldof and Angelina Jolie are the culprits?

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