Monday, July 10, 2006

Newsflash: Smoking is Bad for You

Talk about frivolous lawsuits. I can't believe you can sue tobacco companies when you get cancer... Thankfully ONE court in America has some common sense:

"...The Supreme Court unanimously pulverized a record $145 billion punitive damages award that a Miami-Dade jury ordered the tobacco industry to pay six years ago.

The high court also decertified the class action filed on behalf of approximately 700,000 smokers. The justices found that each ailing smoker must prove individually that cigarettes caused illnesses ranging from cancer to emphysema." (source)

I think it really sucks that cigarettes are so addicting --trust me, I am one of the addicted so I know. I have tried the patch, the gum, hypnotism, will power (apparently I have none) and am about to embark on another attempt armed with Wellbutrin and a book Kali sent me.

...But, come on, if you're going to sue anyone it should not be the tobacco should be the government. They are the ones that regulated the nicotine making each cigarette a dose of medicine and ensuring it's virtually impossible to quit. (So all you that quit before regulation -you can't hold yourself up as an example...IMO anyway)

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