Friday, July 14, 2006

Made in China?

I bought the boys their new school bags yesterday. Two really nice Swiss Army backpacks with tons of compartments (I can't believe back-to-school stuff is out already).

As you can see the bags are covered with the Swiss Emblem... SWISS bags by the makers of the genuine SWISS Army knives with SWISS quality... (in 18 pt. font)

...then I turn the tag over --"Made in China" (in like 2pt. font)

I hate seeing that. Years ago that's how you knew if something you bought was cheap- it was a sign of poor quality (unless you were buying on of those beautiful silk Chinese outfits) but now even the best companies farm out all their work to China.

Even NY based Coach bags are now made's depressing.

Anyway, the tag amused me --SWISS, SWISS, SWISS, SWISS...made in china.

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