Sunday, July 23, 2006

Get the Bootleg Copy...

Just this once...

I am strongly against fakes. According to documents and records it was knockoff t-shirts, movies, purses and smokes that have funded past terrorist activities. On the more selfish side, when you carry a fake bag it belittles my real one.

But this once I am coming out in favor of piracy, bootlegging, downloading -or whatever you want to call it. If NAMBLA can have a page I can surely say this right?

If you feel the urge to see "World Trade Center" I would hate to see you pay for it. Let the producer/director understand that it was extremely poor judgment to cast a terror-apologist, blame-America-first actress as one of the lead roles in this film.

It's bad enough her brother was allowed to don a USMC uniform for Jarhead. This is like Ann Coulter playing Cindy Sheehan.

Screw Maggie Gyllenhaal. Get some Orville Redenbachers and watch the movie on your own comfy couch --It's already online...somewhere... I'd just love to see this movie tank because of her.

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