Monday, July 31, 2006

French To Lead "Peacekeepng" Forces?!

"Appeasement peacenicks who believe in peace at any price, like France's Chirac, want Israel to stop and talk things over, probably over a bottle of French wine. Mr. Speaker, you make peace by making the terrorist criminals stop shooting. Here, guns talk louder than appeasement words, and that's just the way it is." -- Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX)

The French government is shady. People (including me) complain about the American relationship with Saudi Arabia...but the French, who are often seen as inocuous, are just as suspect in my mind.

Though the MSM likes to ignore it --the main reason for the French opposition to the Iraq Invasion was their involvement in the Oil for Food scandal. They wanted Saddam in power (regardless of the mass graves and rape rooms) because they were making tons of money from the regime.

Now, they are attempting to broker private cease fire deals through the UN when they have strong ties to Hezbollah? Israel has already voiced strong opposition to UN forces on the border --though NATO forces would be acceptable.

"...A draft resolution circulating Saturday among UN Security Council members would call for an immediate halt to fighting between Israel and Hezbollah and seek a wide new buffer zone in south Lebanon monitored by international forces and the Lebanese army.

The proposal was sent quietly by France to the other 14 members of the council ahead of a possible meeting of foreign ministers in New York to discuss Lebanon sometime next week. A copy of the draft was obtained by The Associated Press.

Those conditions include a buffer zone stretching from the Blue Line - the UN-demarcated boundary that Israel withdrew behind in 2000 - to the Litani River, which was the northern border of Israel's occupation of Lebanon in 1982.

The buffer zone would be "free of any armed personnel, assets and weapons other than those of the Lebanese armed and security forces and of UN-mandated international forces," the draft says. (source)

"...France has a highly-developed relationship with Hizballah. French diplomats in Beirut have maintained contacts with Hizballah leaders close to Hassan Nasrallah in the last two week of fighting. In 2004, President Jacques Chirac invited Nasrallah to a conference of Francophone Arab leaders. They shook hands and the Hizballah leader was seated beside the French president at the top table. France may well have obtained prior Hizballah consent to its draft." (source)

The "cease-fire" proposal leaves Hezbollah armed, gives them prisoners in exchange for soldiers, gives them land (that actually belongs to Syria) --and lets them come out on top. Why does the world constantly want to reward bad behavior!?

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