Monday, July 24, 2006

Disturbing PETA News...

I always ask people if they would give money to a charity if they knew the recipients were only getting 26 cents on the dollar and the administrators were pocketing $0.74. Everyone has said no. That's welfare.

Now I want to ask, would you give money (or an animal for that matter) to an animal charity that euthanized 86.3% of the animals placed in its care? That's PETA.

Even the oft criticized SPCA has a better tract record -finding homes for 73% of the animals placed in its care in PETA's hometown of Norfolk, VA.

Could this be a lack of funding? That would be hard to imagine given the celebrity power behind PETA. Records show that PETA collected 29 million dollars of tax free donation last year... (source)

Please don't mistake this post as gloating. I find this to be quite depressing in much the same way I feel about the ACLU. It would be wonderful to think there was a group out there completely dedicated to civil rights with no bias or bigger agenda, just as it was nice to think there was a group out there keeping down needless deaths. It's sad that neither is true.

(H/T: Jer2913 via This is True)

(Photo Credit: Peta Kills Animals)

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