Friday, July 14, 2006

Congressional Control

As scary as "Speaker of the House Pelosi" is, I am not fretting over a new poll that claims "most Americans plan to vote for Democrats" in November.

For two reasons:

The Republicans currently in power have become lazy and turned into spend-crazy Democrats. They need an eye opener or they need to go.

As a group, Democrats are lazy. They may participate in the poll because they can do that from their couch, but they are historically bad about actually getting out to vote (especially in years there is no Presidential election).

"... The AP-Ipsos survey asked 789 registered voters if the election for the House were held today, would they vote for the Democratic or Republican candidate in their district. Democrats were favored 51 percent to 40 percent.

Not surprisingly, 81 percent of self-described liberals said they would vote for the Democrat. Among moderates, though, 56 percent backed a Democrat in their district and almost a quarter of conservatives _ 24 percent _ said they will vote Democratic.

Democrats also held the advantage among persuadable voters _ those who are undecided or wouldn't say whom they prefer. A total of 51 percent said they were leaning Democrat, while 41 percent were leaning Republican...." (source)

I'm not saying the GOP retaining control is a sure thing. They have messed up in a few places (of course none of the things they're being blamed for like the weather and Saudi gas prices) --but before you get too down, look at the Dems poor showing at the polls even with mass celebrity efforts (like P. Diddy's).

I never understand conservatives that voted for Kerry because they didn't think Bush was hawkish enough --how does that make sense? You're mad the President isn't killing enough people so you vote for the pacifist?! Now I hear people saying they will vote for the Dem challenger because the Republican Congress is spending too much? OMG- there is TOO much spending and your answer is to put a tax and spend more lib there? I'll never understand people...

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