Saturday, July 01, 2006

Comic Saturday Diversion...

I'm a bit burned out on politics, detainees, al Qaeda, torture and pretty much everything that hasn't been written by Aaron Spelling (calm down, not literally). So, I decided that we all need to laugh a little and stop taking ourselves so damn seriously...

Mitch Hedberg is a favorite of The Man and I --we were supposed to go see him in NJ last year...sadly, he died about 4 days before the show.

If you've never heard Mitch...enjoy... (about 20 minutes)

Another favorite is Eddie Izzard (Yes, he is a straight man that likes to wear women's those of you that would offend -stick with Hedberg -though this is one of the funniest clips ever). This is a small clip of his yet-to-be-topped "Dressed to Kill" special:

Eddie on the evolution of world religions: (About 6 minutes)

How much does You Tube rule?

Go check out Stop the ACLU for more eclectic comedic diversion...

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