Monday, July 17, 2006

...And Free0352 Exits Gracefully (or not)


This will be the last post from Free0352 for a while. He is off to "get some" and I will miss him very much and informed him last night that I will use my martial arts skills to kick his butt should anything happen to him... And Free, you better answer *my* email! ;)

"It’s official. I'm done blogging for like, a long, long time. Bye.

*Pauses to hear liberals rejoice in sweet ecstasy*

Thank you liberals, now I hope you all are lined up against a wall somewhere and shot. I came to this blog with an open mind, thinking I simply had a difference of opinion with liberals. I leave thinking you are all sheep or possibly communists, and having heard your ideas (or lack there of) in your own words, truly wish bad things to happen to you. You are more dangerous to this country than Islamofacism. I'm on my way to go kill me some of that (I hope) so what does that tell you about what I'd like to do to you? :)

I'm currently, as of a time I cannot mention tomorrow, going to an un-named Muslim country to cause hopefully... a lot of hate and discontent with my fellow world citizens in the Middle East. My aim is very good, and I... unlike you... have not forgotten 9/11 or the sick, fucked up, and guilty as hell religion who caused it. It’s finally time. I'm gonna get some.

You pussies can all start bleating now.

To the fellow conservatives, heartless libertarian and the Athiest Jew... And ciggy.

You rule.

To Ala, love ya toots.

To AB, take care of that baby and don't drive "T" too fucking crazy.

To Jpck. Keep it real... oh wait, you will.

Paul. You're a faker. Die. Slow. Liar.

Lefty. toby... My floor better be clean by the time I get back.

Tesco. Good luck with everything.

AFsis. Huge!

Tom M. Good night where ever you are.

B&M. Texas sucks but you don't.

Army Girl. Lighten up.

Alix. Naked pics to
That goes for the rest of you chicks. Unless you're sending pictures of you naked, half naked, or your partially clothed bodies, or photo documented participation in live sex acts, you girls don't bother writing. I won't write back, as email time may or may not be limited... and I would like to spend that time checking out boobs and not writing gay "What I'm up to" emails. Just assume I'm doing what I do best. Hurting people. Next. Oh and guys, if Nate or any of the rest of you send me a naked pic when I get back I will track you down and you'll get a personal visit from yours truly complete with a recent and advanced case of PTSD and live ammo. And did I mention I enjoy hurting people?

Nate. Violence solves problems. Your mom was wrong. Also. We know you're gay, but most of us don't give a rat’s ass.

D-NC. Consider having your brain placed back into your skull. Oh, and learn to read.

And whoever I missed... I will really miss my daily battles with you people either fighting along side or viciously tearing to shreds on the many issues. This blog sure beats the news.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see the wizard."

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