Friday, July 28, 2006

Abraham Cherrix Update: Court-Ordered Chemotherapy

Remember the 16 year old with Hodgkin's disease who was fighting not to have a second round of chemotherapy (after the first round was unsuccessful)?

On the 25th a court (Judge Jesse E. Demps) ordered he must have the treatment, charged his parents with "neglect" and awarded joint custody to the Accomack County Department of Social Services.

If that wasn't painful enough, the family would be over $100,000 in debt from the treatment and the mounting legal fees.

"...The Department of Social Services is willing and able to bankrupt this family to satisfy their physician. Furthermore, that department intends to appeal the case to a higher court if they lose, to insure that this family goes deeper into debt. Do we really need this kind of social service? And do we really want physicians to be able to call in the troops to enforce their orders against our judgment of what is best for our children? This case indicates that the mantra, “Doctors know best,” which might have been true in the past, may no longer be valid. Whatever happened to “FIRST, DO NO HARM!”

Unfortunately, there are abused children who need protection, and it is necessary to have something like Social Services to provide this. However, reports that about 100,000 of our children are disappearing without a trace yearly indicates that Social Services is not doing its job." (source)

Thankfully, an Accomack County Circuit Court Judge (Glen Tyler) suspended the lower court orders and a full trial will take place on August 15th. Judge Tyler also returned full custody to Adam's parents. (source)

I am sure his parent's wish he would consent to traditional treatments, but he is the one that has been through it before --and should be able to make his own decision. I wonder if they have used the argument that a 13 year old can have an abortion with no parental consent -yet this boy at 16 can't make an informed, researched decision with parental consent...

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