Wednesday, July 19, 2006

10,000 Racing Greyhounds Killed by ONE Man

Not only do my hermit crabs get a more varied and nutritional diet than my children...I catch spiders in cups and take them outside and have four giant African millipedes living luxuriously in my house. I would probably be a PETA member if they hadn't jumped the shark and decided that animal lives were equal or more valuable than human life...

I have long known the plight of the no-longer-a-winner racing Greyhounds... To think that someone could kill a dog that had outlived its "usefulness" is bad enough, but to read that ONE MAN could have slaughtered 10,000 dogs (and they say that's a LOW estimate) is incomprehensible.

"...He told an undercover reporter it took him three years to fill the field, at which point he simply started all over again. “Within a year the bodies have gone,” said Smith. “It takes me about three years to get across there and by the time I get there I can start back here again and there are only a few bones left.”

According to Sunday Times calculations and testimony of two racing insiders, it is conservatively estimated Smith has killed at least 10,000 dogs.

The scandal, described as the “canine killing fields” by one campaigner, has shocked the government and greyhound industry, which attracts bets of £2.5 billion a year...

The RSPCA has previously expressed “grave concerns” about the fate of up to 12,000 retired greyhounds that go missing every year. A spokesman said: “There is no justification for killing these animals simply because they can’t do their job any more.”

Smith charges owners and trainers £10 to kill unwanted dogs, many only a few years old. One trainer, who asked not to be named, said: “This man kills dogs for 40 licensed trainers and there are at least 10,000 dogs in his field. People in the industry have been going to him for years. Many of the bigwigs knew it was going on.”
After being confronted this weekend Smith said he would stop killing dogs, which he said he had done in the past for “humane” reasons." (source)

Though I am completely partial to breeds with "no noses", I will readily admit that Greyhounds are one of the sweetest and most loyal breeds I have ever encountered. There is no mention of criminal charges being brought against this man...

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